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..”this is a great album and Brian has put his soul into it like few could as he creates a fresh role for the accordion in Scottish music.  The atmospheric closing Soundtrack to Peace could be as much a hope for personal contentment as a global desire. May both be found.”

Kenny Graham, Scottish Field

“This album is without doubt as honest a reflection of a man’s personality and talent as I’ve heard in a long time.

It is a beautiful piece of art.”

Duncan Chisholm

Read full review herehttp://www.mutualimaginationsociety.com/MIS/Reviews.html
Read full review herehttp://www.mutualimaginationsociety.com/MIS/Reviews.html
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original music for podcasts, film, television, advertising, corporate branding and all media applications


This has been a long time coming. I have spent most of my professional life traveling through the ever-changing beautiful landscapes of Scotland. Over the years I have experienced the same roads many times but each time unique in vision and emotion.

Music provides us with a unique environment - somewhere safe where we can deal with our emotions and explore our innermost thoughts, hopes and fears - I decided that each track would be exactly that for me as the composer.

Every piece on this album was written to express or work through an emotional state From the very first note to the last, each track was composed to heal, express or celebrate the inner struggles that make us who we are.

With inspiration from the landscapes and people of Scotland, these pieces helped me find beauty in solace and peace, secure in the knowledge that I am part of something far bigger than myself.

The Mutual Imagination Society became the music of my soul. It is a genuine reflection of who I am as a composer. Every note - every change/development was driven by self-introspection and observation. It is the soundtrack to my life up till now.