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Sacred The Pearlfishers 1991

Hurt The Pearlifishers 1991

Woodenwire The Pearlfishers 1991

Za Za’s Garden The Pearlifishers 1993

St. Francis Songs The Pearlfishers 1993

Precious Little Victories Carol Laula 1994

Victims and Criminals Andy Thornton 1994

Living in a Foreign Country The Pearlfishers 1994

Getting’ Dirty BMX Bandits 1995

Naked Carol Laula 1996

Frankenstein Douglas Stewart 1996

Demons and Lovers Iron Horse 1997

Indigenous Tribes The Pearlfishers/Various 1997

Spirit of Freedom KCB 1997

Diamonds in the Night Andy Shanks and Jim Russell 1997

Songs For Marshmallow Lovers The Pearlfishers/Various 1997

Even on a Sunday Afternoon The Pearlfishers 1997

Banana Sandwich The Pearlfishers 1998

Chasing Shadows Davey Steele 1998

Canycheils Canycheils 1999

The Young Picnickers The Pearlfishers 1999

Imaginary Lines Robin Laing 1999

The Captain’s Collection 1999

Notes in ma Heid Chris Armstrong 1999

Magaid a Phipir Rory Campbell 2000

The Source Vol 1 Big Sky 2000

Caroline Now! Various Artists 2000

Claire Mann Claire Mann 2001

Spiorad Beatha Maggie MacInnes 2001

Breath on the Cold Glass Wendy Weatherby 2002

First Disciple Carol Laula 2002

The Strange Underworld of the Tall Poppies The Pearlfishers2002

Tusitala Savourna Stevenson 2002

The Water of Life Robin Laing 2003

Change (Tour Edition) Ray Wilson 2003

Old Dogs for the Hard Road Jim Hunter 2003

Crack o’ Noon Club Jim Hunter 2003

A Highland Fiddler 2003

Society Of Musicians Bill Wells 2003

What Road Session A9 2003

The Next Best Thing Ray Wilson 2004

Peaceful Ground Maggie MacInnes 2004

Highland Games 2005

Kintulavaig Jenna Cumming 2005

Live in Scotland The Unusual Suspects 2005

The Cremation of Sam McGee Christine Hanson 2005

Oran na Mna Maggie MacInnes 2006

Lower Mill Road Gwendolyn 2007

Best of Scottish Fiddle 2007

A National Treasure Live Various 2007

Scottish Folk at its Best 2008

Bottlenecks and Armbreakers Session A9 2008

Blackwood and Hickory Mid Argyll Pipe Band 2008

People Like Me Alyth 2009

Leaving Mingulay Maggie MacInnes 2009

The Rise and Fall of the BMX Bandits BMX Bandits 2009

The First Cold Day Jim Malcolm 2009

rig-ma-role Pete Stott 2009

One for the Road Session A9 2010

Circadian Rhythms Ceilidhdonia 2011

Bel Canto Eilidh MacKenzie 2011

Live at Celtic Connections Session A9 2012

Fonn Ratharsair Various 2012

Session A9 Session A9 2012

Little Big Songs Jerry and Co 2013

Danns an Rathaid Norrie MacIver 2014

Homelands Alyth 2015

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